Catalog Pane Popup Window Needs to Include Summary

04-15-2020 02:16 PM
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The Catalog Pane pop-up that appears when you hover over a layer shows the file name, type, modified date and location. Could you add the Summary? That would be most helpful. If it would take up too much screen space, I don't need the Location. I'm in Catalog Pane. I'm looking at it! It would save time Viewing the Metadata.

Catalog pane popup

Status changed to: Under Consideration

It would be great if we could customize exactly what info we see in the catalog pane pop-up. The detailed description does have more info, but I don't necessarily want the last updated date or the thumbnail. 

Similar to what was suggested by Cathy, I am more interested in the summary and/or description. On our ArcGIS Online page we have several items with similar names and currently you have to add each to a map before you can even look at the metadata or description. The only other option is to rename everything. I realize a good naming convention is always a good idea, but I also don't want to have to be overly specific just because otherwise it is impossible to tell for other end users which item/view is the one they actually want. It would also be good to be able to right-click and have the view-metadata option pop-up when looking at portal/ArcGIS Online items in the catalog pane. Currently the only options I get are add to map.


If you move your cursor over a tool in any system tool you get a pop-up and it shows the text that is in the description, an example of this behaviour is shown below:




I'm creating a set of python script tools which are embedded into an atbx toolbox. Each tool I have created I have given it a short description in the properties of the tool.

Yet the description does not display, as shown below, in fact the pop-up is quite different in format to the system tool's pop-ups.




It would be good if the pop-up for a script tool in an atbx toolbox could display its description.

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Hello @DuncanHornby , 

Thank you for posting this Idea! When you state that you are adding a description of the tool in the tool properties, are you adding this to the metadata of the tool, or are you using another method? From the documentation, it appears that once the tool metadata is added, hovering over the tool will present a description like we see with system tools. 


@AmeliaBradshaw  I write a description in the properties as shown below:


I also document in the metadata as shown below:


Neither of these text appear in the pop-up as shown below:



All system tools show a short piece of text in their pop-up and this is the description written into the properties of the tool.

Hope this clarifies my idea?


Thank you for explaining @DuncanHornby ! The reason this is occurring is due to the fact that custom tools, along with project toolboxes more generally, are added to the Catalog pane, not the Geoprocessing pane. While the Geoprocessing pane has tool hovertips set to provide a description of the tool, the Catalog pane hovertip schema does not allow for this. Instead, all Catalog items on disk are presented with the 'Type', 'Modified' and 'Path' fields only, as we see here. 

We do have an open Idea that is similar to yours, but the request is more general. It is Catalog Pane Popup Window Needs to Include Summary . I think it would be good to merge your Idea with this one, since the core request for your Idea involves the summary item as well. Once merged, please go vote for this Idea! All text from this thread and your Idea will be added as comments in this Idea. 

Thank you, 



Merge away! Seems very appropriate.


Sounds great @DuncanHornby ! Thank you again for the Idea! 


One more think @DuncanHornby , please give a kudos to this Idea too! We want to make sure your vote is counted that way. 


@DuncanHornby , this is actually the correct Idea. I apologize for merging with the user's original question, not the Idea! Please add a Kudos here. I will see if I can correct this, so your comments appear here.