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Pro Report Creation - Greater Photo Attachment Flexibility/Functionality

06-10-2022 08:31 AM
Status: Open
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When creating a Pro report including multiple photo attachments, currently a grid is the only way to do this.  With each subsequent picture included, the sizing of all pictures is reduced due to the nature of the grid.  If you're including a decent number of photos, they quickly become so small that their inclusion becomes pointless.  It would be great to have the flexibility to use attachments more freely; in my case, I would like 2 pictures per page so they are large enough to be helpful.  Using the single attachment feature isn't feasible because it restarts with the 1st photo each time a single attachment box is added.  If you could, hypothetically, assign each single attachment box a number indicating order of attachments, this could work.  Or, if the grid of multiple images allowed the user to break it apart, providing the ability to spread it to additional pages.