PRO: Create quick filter options in tables, drop down check boxes, unique values

01-24-2018 07:54 AM
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It would be a huge time saver if we could evaluate tables in PRO with the tools used in Excel or Access to check for cardinality. On the columns there should be a drop down for a quick filter for a selection of attributes, or 'quick view' of the unique values in that column. 

Even just the summarize tools are missing from Desktop. If there was a way to get stats off the columns, this would make Pro a GREAT resource. 

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Add Filtering capability to instantly see all the distinct values in ArcMap's table field/column (just like you can do it in Excel). 


Statistics is in Pro 2.1.  

Other than that, you're looking for a quick way to see unique values in a field, correct?


I know this idea was posted a few years ago, but it's something that I think anyone who needs to spend a lot of time and effort with attribute tables would appreciate.   I would describe this a functionality like an Microsoft Access table, or an Excel table with filters.  In the header,  you can set a filter using either a list (for smaller tables) or a text filter.  The example below is a table in an enterprise geodatabase, but it is so much easier to use in Access (viewing only).

Access filter.jpg



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In SQL clients like SQL Developer and Toad, we can filter on a column like this:



It would be handy if we could do something similar in the Attribute Table in Pro.

It wouldn't need to be a new/separate filtering mechanism. It could simply be a way of generating the Select by Attributes expression.


It is an extremely useful tool for ArcGIS Pro table!