Permanently colored attribute table columns

04-30-2010 02:46 AM
Status: Open
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Add functionality to show attribute table columns in different colors permanently:


I am not sure about "permanently" but in 10, you can highlight some of your fields in yellow.
I am adding an image.  Let's see if this shows up:0EM30000000CiPq
Yeah i know you can hightlight the columns in yellow,  However, what if you would like to color the columns different colors.  It would be nice to be able to color your columns any color you would like.

Hello.  I would like to see different highlight field color options available in the field properties box for attribute tables.  Currently your only option is highlight "Yes or No" or check to highlight field.  In your attribute table, attribute editing or identify window - that field now is displayed in Yellow.  When editing I like to use the highlight field to bring to my attention all fields that I need to make sure I update/add data in.  This is especially useful when there are a lot of fields - but only a handful need to be updated. 

Where the multi-color option would be most beneficial is when you have a join and you are trying to compare multiple fields between the main layer/table and that which you joined.  Especially when those field names are close to being the same name.  I generally drag the field from the joined table/layer that I am wanting to compare to my main table/layer up to the field I'm comparing.  Being able to have my main table field highlighted one color and then my joined table field highlighted another color would help more easily to identify what field belongs to which table/layer.  



Please consider adding the ability to highlight fields in multiple colors.  For example we may want to highlight a bird species in yellow, the bird count in red, and the time of day in orange.

P.S.  It would be even more interesting if we could set up attribute rules as well at a row level.  For example an increase could be colored in green, while a decrease could be colored in red....  (we can do this at the map symbology level, but having the functionality in the table view may be useful as well)


P.S.  Here is a link to a really old idea from 2010: