Pause Auto-Commit During Traverse in Pro

10-01-2020 06:36 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcMap, the Traverse Grid and Parcel Fabric grids did not auto-commit data every time I entered a new row in the Traverse.
I would like the option to pause the auto-commit while entering the Traverse so that I could enter all the information before it draws.
There are several members of my team who are rather proficient in entering Metes-and-Bounds, and this longer pause during the auto-commit is adding significant time to their keying of those descriptions. Imagine writing a COGO distance, then waiting 5-10 seconds for the line to make the loop back and forth from the database/feature service. Then do this again for dozens of lines. If you were to type too quickly, you end up creating mistakes that you then have to go back and edit, again, and still wait for the commit. 
Barring that, have the Traverse draw data locally instead of sending the information back to the feature service, the same way that the Links and Anchors do during an Alignment so that the grid works faster.
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Thanks Josh. We are working on this issue. We also noticed the delay between the sketch speed and the rate of committing the features. The solution can be the workaround you suggest or fixing the actual problem.