Need a Live Training Seminar on ArcGIS Desktop 10 Metadata

02-23-2011 03:30 PM
Status: Open
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We need a Live Training Seminar on ArcGIS Desktop 10 Metadata.  Specifically on how to import, export, and edit FGDC, older ISO, or older ArcGIS versions of metadata into ArcGIS 10. 
I agree 
good idea...should be important

Our live training seminar schedule (  is already set for the next six months or so. For now, your best source of information about working with metadata is probably the ArcGIS Desktop Help topic at
The metadata changes in ArcGIS 10 are appalling!   I constantly struggle to import FDGC metadata .  Updating from FGDC to ArcGIS style works half the time.   I have to resort to entering in the metadata all over again.  What a pain!  How can I ask my 40 GIS users to maintain metadata when ESRI has made it so difficult.   If you are entering metadata for a new dataset in the ArcGIS style, the process is easier I agree.  However, it is the import/export of existing FDGC metadata that really has fallen off the cliff.  Please fix it!!
You might find this recent video about metadata at ArcGIS 10 helpful. It shows the process of upgrading, editing, and exporting FGDC metadata.
IMHO, GIS is useless without good metadata -- we need to know the best practices to work with the new format.
I teach a Metadata workshop for our Masters in GIS program at the University of Redlands. This manual is something I've put together to help the students learn the joy of metadata. After this mornings Service pack 3 update it's just a little different now, but it will still help. in ArcCatalog 10.pdf