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04-29-2011 12:57 PM
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Shapefiles, personal geodatabases, and feature classes have a default size limitation. It would be nice to view the file size in ArcCatalog to 1). Keep track of how large individual files are 2). If server space is limited, it will help in data management 3). Users can comprehend file size more easily than number of features.

At this point exporting to a third party i.e. txt, ascii, excel, etc is the only way to know the file size of the features.

Also knowing when the file was last modified would be a useful piece of information. Currently only mxd files have this information. But if the file was modified outside the mxd there is no record of what date/time. This can help deter any questions about when data is created and/or modified.

A screen showing information similar to that of a normal folder: File, File type, Data Created/Modified, Size, Author.

Thank you for posting your idea. I believe what you are looking for can already be accomplished. To enable display of these items go to Customize > ArcCatalog Options > Contents in ArcGIS 10 or Tools > Options > Contents in previous versions and check on Size, and Modified under "Which standard columns do you want to show in Details view?".

Some of the other information regarding when the data was first created or who the Author or Contact is for the data may make more sense to be documented in the data's metadata. Up to date metadata is a great way to deocument and deter questions regarding all aspects of the data.
In other words: There are no details in Details view by default. Size and Modified columns should be available always. Requested information could also be available in shapefile/database properties dialog under general tab as usual.

Other suggestions:
  • Non native formats (CAD, Excel, etc.) are missing requested size&modified information.
  • Drag&drop functionality to reorder columns instead of horrible arrows.
  • There is no clear indication which column sorts the list.
In 9.3.1, yes you can change the display columns but the information doesn't show up for all file types. For example, I want to know the modified date of a data layer -- if it's a shapefile, it will display. However, if it's a feature class in a geodatabase, the date will only show for the geodatabase, not for the individual feature class within....
Yes, that is correct. Currently for all geodatabases other than file geodatabases you will not see the size or data modified of individual feature classes. You might consider logging an idea specific to getting this information for feature classes in geodatabases other than file geodatabase.
Also adding # of features in the featureclass would be very helpful, without having to dig through the metadata.
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Status changed to: Closed

Hello everyone who has contributed to this idea:

This idea was entered for ArcCatalog. We have kept it open because the functionalities requested are relevant for ArcGIS Pro as well. We are now closing this idea thread, since the functionalities requested in this thread are either already in ArcGIS Pro, or there are corresponding Pro ideas. Specifically,

The following functionalities are already in ArcGIS Pro:

  • display date modified and size info for items in a file geodatabase, in catalog views and browse dialogs (Pro 3.0)
  • display date modified and size info for items in a folder, in catalog views and browse dialogs
  • allow manual re-ordering of property columns in catalog views
  • indicate the sorting column, in catalog views and browse dialogs

The following functionality requests are captured in this existing Pro idea (you might consider to upvote this idea if you have not already):

  • display date created info for items in a file geodatabase
  • display feature count for feature classes in a file geodatabase

The functionality of displaying date and size information for items in databases other than file geodatabases has not been requested for ArcGIS Pro. You might consider logging a Pro idea as @chri4849 suggested earlier.