Add Additional Details in Catalog View in ArcGIS PRO

05-03-2018 11:57 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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It would be good to add additional Details to the Catalog View (and Catalog Pane).  


Right now Maps and Layouts have a column for Date but nothing is populated.  Date is only populated in Databases.  


Date should be populated for all elements that are visible in Catalog.


Additionally the Document Path should be an additional column to help us ensure that we are pathed to correct data. 


Snapshot of Catalog View Showing Maps with no Dates and no Document Paths


In terms of seeing paths, it looks like you have a number of maps in the same project.  So is the need to know the path of where that project is?  Or you would also like to see paths of anything (when applicable) that you're browsing in the Catalog View?

There are a couple of features now that might be helpful to you:

When I'm browsing data, I can click in the bar up top to see the path.  Before click:

After click:

There is also the Show Pop-ups option:

And you also might be interested in Browse other project’s map frames and Layouts from Project panel


Thanks Kory,

I do use the popups which are helpful. The geodatabases do have paths which is great but I’d like to see the path to the project as well. This is mostly because I’m in the process of migrating all workflows (or as many as I feel ArcGIS Pro can handle efficiently), over from ArcMap and I’m working between two workstations. (The old workstation has ArcMap installed and the new workstation is running Pro). I do have a few projects built on the old workstation running ArcMap in order to test workflows. Once I’m happy with a workflow, I create “cleanly” it on the newer machine. Some workflows will need to be run on BOTH machines until I can update the parts of the process that I need to use ArcMap. (For example I have a workflow that uses 60 models which use VB expressions in them. All of those need to be updated before I move that part of the process over – and I’m a one-man shop so that’s going to be a while).

Things can get complicated but I know Pro is the future so I’m forging ahead. The more tools I have for organization the better. Plus, if nothing else, my thought is that users will feel a little more comfortable seeing those paths since old ArcCatalog had paths all over the place! (I know you want to keep the new interface nice and clean – but migration is already a pretty big change/challenge and familiarity can be helpful).

I’m mostly interested in getting dates added though. Knowing the last edited date of a Layout or a map is important to my workflows because we update our data every 2-4 weeks. I’d like to be able to quickly glance at the date column to see when the last edits were made.



Thanks, Sean.  Very helpful info.


I need this!


I need feature class Size and Modified Date added.


I whole heartedly agree with Jim's comment.   I have to use ArcCatalog to look at sizes and dates, so I generally try to avoid using the Catalog View.  The lack of size and date info is one thing I've always hated about the Catalog pane in Pro or ArcMap as well.  The popup when using the Catalog pane is a distraction that doesn't provide any useful information to me when I have the hierarchy tree.  Too bad the popup isn't customizable to show data I want to see.  The popup when using Catalog View in Pro provides a path which is a help but that's only because Catalog View doesn't show a hierarchy at least as far as I've been able to discover. 


Dates are integral to good data mgmt. Please make this a priority. Not including pre-existing capabilities in Pro is keeping me and my team from making the switch from Desktop to Pro.


The date column is populated when I navigate to a folder that contains a file geodatabase, but when I navigate into the file geodatabase itself, the date column is empty.  I need to see geodatabase object dates.  Both created and modified.  And object sizes.  In fact, I want to customize the fields for display like I currently do in Desktop ArcCatalog.


Additional Details would be needed for our organization (size, date modified, etc.)


I also need to see the modified date of the contents of the file geodatabases, not just the geodatabase.