Measure Arc length with Measure Tool

09-29-2021 12:57 PM
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It was brought to my attention that the arc length of a curve I had submitted was incorrect.  I had expected to get the the arc length of a curve when using the Measure Feature tool on a line feature.  What it returned was the chord length.  Since the chord isn't direct measurement of the feature, I think an update to the tool would be a good idea.





i would love to see this as well!

a work-around for right now is enabling COGO on your line feature class and then using the Update COGO tool to get the arc length for your curve.


Another option is to use the Circular Arc editing tool to find the ArcLength of a curve.

  1. In the clip below I already have an existing curve (this can be curve on a line or a polygon).
  2. Create a new line feature to get the existing curve information.
  3. Make sure that End Point snapping is on.
  4. Simply draw a line over your existing curve using the End Point Arc Segment curve option, in this example.
  5. Right click and choose Circular Arc.
  6. This will give you all the parameters of the curve.
  7. Exit out of the tool and cancel the sketch.