Maplex Python Module

04-24-2013 10:43 AM
Status: Open
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It would be ideal to be able to access the Maplex Labeling Engine through Python as well.

This would be extremely vaulable to our organization for several reasons:

1. Share maplex settings with coworkers and communicating updates (or differences) between multiple map templates.

2. Systematically change settings and automatically make map exports to quickly research and idetnify 'best' maplex rules for our map templates.

3. Batch update many label classes. We have several identical map templates (pointed to different datasts and at different scales) that contain the same information. Each map document contains 100+ label classes. If we need to make a minor change to all label classes (e.g. changing font size from 7 to 6) or across templates (e.g. add new label class), the ability to script this would save significant time.
For complex templates, modifying maplex values as templates change with scale or addition of features is tedious and time consuming. Programmatic testing of value changes constrained by rules would also be ideal, rather than trial and error.


The Maplex settings are available to Python via CIM access.  Here is a help topic that explains what that means:


If you were to provide a couple of workflows or settings you are trying to modify, I might be able to provide a sample or two.

Jeff - and Layout teams