Make map grids and graticules scale dependent

09-06-2010 04:18 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Measured grids to be displayed on the map layout are set with a fixed interval, which may not be appropriate at all scales.  For example, users may want a 100m spaced grid when printing out large scale maps, but a 10km spaced grid when printing out small scale maps.

In a similar way to setting the scale range of a layer in ArcMap, the measured grids and graticules should be able to be automatically shown / not shown based on the scale of the map.  This way a series of graticules could be created to suit all scales the map will be used at.

This idea seems to be related to the one that I would most like to see implemented ... 

Reference grids/graticules should be accessible to ArcPy.Mapping

Good simple idea!