Locators in SDE should auto update indexes

02-28-2013 03:01 PM
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It would be great if Locators stored in SDE that reference versioned data would update the indexes automatically/dynamically. If all editing is taking place in the database locators need to be smarter or scheduled and not require the user to rebuild indexes manually or using python.

Or it would be great if geocode services could be set to auto-update/rebuild the source locator at some frequency.  

this can all be done via python.



What version of ArcGIS are you currently working with?  I ask because I did not think ESRI supported Locators stored in any type of geodatabase from 10.4.x and newer.


That's what I'm wondering: storing a locator in geodatabase regardless of flavor has been discouraged for a long time.  Personally, replicating to a file geodatabase and then having the locators point there is the practice I've been following for a number of years. 


This is from version 10.1 and 5 years later would still be nice to have automatic agents for most of the geodatabase functionality including rebuilding locators. We have automated this with python but what a pain ! 

Addresses and other landmarks get added, updated all day long. A replication, failed locator rebuild or failed to publish to server is just another hassle in this workflow and seems to me if it is in the database (enterprise, file, geopackage) index it and send it out. 

Other database and search platforms with indexes have process/workers that auto-update indexes, why not the GDB?

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Locators stored in SDE are no longer supported.