Link from layer properties source to catalog view

11-03-2021 09:13 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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When going into a layer's properties and looking at its source, I'd say the very next thing I do 99% of the time is close it and navigate into the catalog view to find it. Then, the next thing I do is re-open the layer properties because I couldn't remember the long file path to the FGDB or the exact name of the feature class/raster. Back and forth and back and forth... 

In the layer properties source tab, please give us a link or button to click on to navigate directly to it in the catalog. I included a screenshot of my browser's downloads page, and it has a link to open Windows Explorer to that folder and even highlights the downloaded item. Something like that would be really helpful (but go to the Catalog pane, not Windows Explorer).

Maybe it's not possible if it's something like a hosted feature layer or Excel sheet drawn as X/Y points, but I'd guess that most of the time I have that file geodatabase, folder (e.g.: where a shapefile is), service, or SDE connection mapped in my catalog view. 


Hear hear.  I also navigate in Explorer to my project home folder often so I added a tool to the quick access toolbar to do that for me:



While not exactly the same (the requested entry point is different) this idea is highly related:  Open dataset location in the Catalog Window - Esri Community



Many of the applications I use, including Microsoft Office applications, have a function or feature to either copy file paths or open a file in the File Explorer. It feels that esri may be a little late to this particular party. Having that function is not only a time saver, but just makes sense. You already do a similar function for drag and drop objects into the Python window (a brilliant and efficient use of functionality), so please take the next logical step and provide this needed functionality!

Status changed to: Under Consideration