Open dataset location in the Catalog Window

10-03-2011 07:12 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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I would like to see a simple addition to the context menu in the Table of Contents. If you click on the little button List by Source in the TOC you see your layers organised by their source location. Some of my layers use Domains on fields to control the entry of data. Domains are stored at the GeoDatabase level. The only way to view these are to go the GeoDatabase in the Catalog window and enter the properties window of the GeoDatabase. You cannot get to this properties window from the TOC when in List by Source mode. So I would like to see a new option when one right clicks on the geodatabase in the TOC (when in List by Source mode) to open location in the Catalog Window at which point I can drill down into the properties and edit my Domain.

At the moment I have to manually open Catalog and navigate to the appropriate location where the GeoDatabase is and most of my MXD's are linking to multipe GeoDatabases across multiple drives.

Interactive Localization (synchronized TOC and Catalog window)
Immediately locate layer's source in Catalog when selected in TOC with layer preview.
Great idea... I've been wanting this feature for a while.
Status changed to: Under Consideration