License Management in ArcGIS Pro

10-21-2019 07:32 AM
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We are running a License-Manager for many employees. We have Advanced, Standard and Basic with concurrent licenses. Also we are running a Windows Terminal Server. 


In ArcGIS Desktop it is very easy to Change the license (Advanced, Standard, Basic) via Batch-File: 


The only way I see to change the license is to manipulate the windows regitry:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ESRI\ArcGISPro\Licensing\SOFTWARE_CLASS_FN value.


The userinterface to change the license is not comfortable, you need many clicks and an "non automaticly" restart from ArcGIS Pro:

Starten von ArcGIS Pro mit einer Concurrent-Use-Lizenz—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 


I wish a easy way to change the license at startup from ArcGIS Pro


I agree. For those in the enterprise, arcgis desktop made this easy via a simple system variable change. Why does pro have to be different in this regard? With an environment variable called ESRI_SOFTWARE_CLASS, you'd think it'd apply to all esri software. 


@HubertusKolster it was one year ago that you posted this question, have you gotten any workarounds from ESRI on this for Pro?  We too have a collection of concurrent users that use Advanced and others that use the Basic licenses.  My coworker is putting together a VDI system but users need the option of Advanced or Basic depending on which there are licensed for!


@RandyKreuziger1 the only way I see, is to manipulate the Registy (storage-of-licensing-settings-for-arcgis-pro ) bevore you start ArcGIS Pro: 


Change the DWORD to "Viewer" (Basic), "Editor" (Standard) or "Professional" (Advanced)

If you open ArcGIS Pro with the following Batch-File the RegistryKey will be set without any question:

@echo off
regedit.exe /s C:\ArcGIS_Pro\arcgis_pro_basic.reg
start /D "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin" ArcGISPro.exe


regedit.exe /s PATH_to_REG-FILE /s silent no question "yes" or "no"

start /D PATH starts ArcGIS Pro without CMD-Window in the background.

This works for me, but I give you no warranty 😉

To disable Extensions I have this Reg-File:

"3D Analyst Pro"=-
"Data Interoperability Pro"=-
"Data Reviewer Pro"=-
"Geostatistical Analyst Pro"=-
"Spatial Analyst Pro"=-

Hope this will help.



And allow for IDEs (Oracle, SQL Server Management Studio, etc.) to access license for ArcPy 3.x.  You can do it in ArcPy 2.7, why not ArcPro.  Doesn't matter if ArcPro Desktop is started or not.