Let Table Frame symbology make use of symbol property connections

07-30-2019 06:50 AM
Status: Open
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Say I want to make a table frame a bit more special, something like changing row backgrounds based on what category that row belongs to, or maybe even changing font color for specific rows based on a field called "Important". Well, I could be able to do that by having it choose colors from a string field with hex values in the same manner as symbol property connections for layer symbology works.

Is such a thing possible? Instead of the current setup of background 1 and background 2, there could be a checkbox that disables that property and turns on the more dynamic approach.

Otherwise, I have to create rectangles and individually color them after placing them below the table or create them in some other manner of editing outside of ArcPro. 


YES, I have the same issue. Although, I'd be happy if there were an option to add more than background 1 & 2. I have a map that has table information that corresponds to features with unique symbology. This would be helpful.


I love this idea! To add more cartographic flare to my maps I have been doing this manually.. and the hours can really add up creating the fine details!


I would really like to drive my table frames' colors based on a HEX field, as I am able to do with the symbology. Currently the workaround is to manually set the color of each table frame's backgrounds and borders individually.


@KoryKramer  nope, same idea. Thank you!!