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Legend Character Symbol Size

10-25-2016 10:46 AM
Status: Already Offered
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When creating a legend, the symbol size is that same as it is on the map.  That is fine when making a small map, but when I am creating a big map the symbol size on the legend is too small.  As a work-around to make the symbol size bigger, you can export the legend to a graphic or create a larger symbol by adding a marker symbol… but it is not dynamic with the map.  If I change a color to a symbol on the map it is not reflected on the legend. 


Perhaps on your next release, in the legend properties, make an option to increase the legend symbol size while keeping the map symbol size the same on the map. 


I hope that all makes sense.

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Status changed to: Already Offered

This is available. You can change the size of the legend patch in the legend. Just select the legend item you wish to change the size of in the Contents pane, right-click and choose Properties to open the Element pane. There you can adjust the height and width of the patch. 




Changing the patch size doesn't fix all issues. For example if you change the size of the patch for one layer, then the label/description would be offset compared to the rest of the layers in the legend.

Another example  I have a line layer with a dashed border in a Pro layout. The dashes are quite large because the map will be viewed at a relatively small scale. This means the symbol patch in the legend only shows one color, it doesn't show the dashed line/the second color of the dash. I have had a similar issue with dashed polygons, where the dashes are so large that the legend's symbol patch doesn't really look like the layer does in the map.


Thanks @CaraWiebalk. There is another idea for being able to change the symbology in the legend itself being tracked here: I'm not aware of any ideas about sizing and offset, you could add a new one if you'd like. Have you tried adjusting the indentions for your legend items as well? Learn more about that in tip 6 on this blog: