Add option to modify the symbology scale for polygon and polyline patches in the legend

09-03-2021 08:52 AM
Status: Open
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For a long time I have wanted a way to modify the symbology scale for polygon and polyline patches in the legend.

For example, if i have a large point symbol in the map, I can scale the point size so that it fits inside the patch size.


But it would be good to modify the scale of dashed lines and 'lines' / 'polygon outlines' if you have sybology that doesn't fit into the patch at the correct scale.

Here's an example of what should be a dashed line:


If i could scale the symbology in the legend, it would look like this:


This is especially useful if you have large symbols along the line.


This is consistently a problem for me as well. I often use hatched symbols for polygons on large maps, but the legend patch will just show white, or barely show a line. This obviously does not accomplish the goal of the legend.

In the screenshot below you can see - the hatch marks are clear on the map, because it's a large area. But in the legend patch, I need to be able to adjust the hatch marks so they're closer together for the legend to actually be useful.




@KoryKramerjust did, thank you for pointing that out!