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Layout Text Enhancements

06-27-2011 02:05 PM
Status: Closed
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Layout text editing needs serious upgrade to meet professional standards.

  • Direct WYSIWYG text editing in the Layout
  • Special characters and symbols (non-breaking space, non-breaking hyphen...)
  • Active hyperlinks in the text body
  • Clear indication of text box overflow
  • Dynamic text drop-down list (choose from most used presets)

  • Tab and Paragraph formatting – indents and spacing (show formatting marks)
  • Partial text formatting – interactive paragraph and character formatting (no formatting tags)
  • Vertical alignment of the text in the text frame
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Possibility to set different column's width (draw column margins), insert column breaks

  • Threading text frame – link text elements and allow text to flow
  • Direct conversion between various types of text elements (e.g. line text to text frame)
  • Paste text from Word as text element with formatting – not EMF picture

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Many of these things would be nice.

I'd be happy, though, with just allowing the use of the TAB character to easily format text into nicely-aligned columns when using variable-width fonts.

Tabs would be great - whether the actual ascii character (ideal), or a formatting tag (as used for bolding text), or...

I've been lamenting teh lack of this for many years.


Chris J.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Allow text input to existing graphics - by converting it to text frame (like in MS Office).
I would also like to see some of these text enhancements.  Vertical stacked text would be great.  Also, the ability to use vbscript within text graphics in the layout similar to how you can with labels - I find myself wishing that I could parse dynamic text (data driven page tags), say using a Replace, Proper Case, or other vscript functions.
Export PDF maps with Hyperlinks active

WYSIWYG text editing in the Layout is in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.


A very basic need that is missing from the text element is the basic Frame Tab to allow the same interactions that other layout elements have.



Struggling to see why vertical text alignment to the object with the text in it STILL isn't in 2.4!!!

Horizontal alignment is there but vertical still isn't.

Status changed to: Closed

There are a lot of things in the idea, and most of them are implemented in ArcGIS Pro. This thread was started about ArcMap hasn't been active for awhile so I'm going to close it out. I recommend creating new ideas or voting on other ideas if something is still problematic.