Export PDF maps with Hyperlinks active

Idea created by spiff88 on Jan 24, 2011

    The ability to link features by using hyperlinks is great.


    GPS cameras have made taking photos with geographic location and orientation very easy.  Making a point feature with this information, as well as a hyperlink to the photo file location is a great way to create an interactive map.  Clicking on a point can bring up the photo - just like the Panoramo feature on Google Maps.


    However - you have to have a copy of the ESRI software to use this feature.  I think it would be a great tool to be able to export a map to PDF format and have the PDF retain these hyperlinks.  This would allow you to send a PDF maps with a folder of photos to a client - and they could use the map to view the photos quite easily.


    Making a mapbook with an overview map, with hyperlinks to the inset maps within the same PDF would also be useful.  The PDF would appear to be an interactive map - clicking on areas to zoom in, with 'click here to go back to the overview map' links on each inset map.