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Layer Properties: Name changes should be faster

11-24-2022 11:53 PM
Status: Open
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In a layer's properties, when changing the layer's name/alias:



When I hit OK to commit the name change, it takes two full seconds for ArcGIS Pro to think/commit the change. Two seconds might not seem like much, but for something as simple as a layer name change, I think it should happen sooner (immediately).

Between the time when I hit OK and when it stops thinking, I've already started to do my next task, such as change the name of a different layer. But when I double click a different layer in the Table of Contents, it doesn't work as expected. Once it's done thinking, the application doesn't transfer focus to the next layer that I double clicked. Instead, the former layer's properties get opened, since that's technically the layer that is selected, which is confusing and frustrating.

I think the situation would be improved if name changes happened faster. I also think double-clicking should apply to the thing/position I clicked, not the thing that is currently selected. 

I'm using ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2.

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I've found changes in the Layer Properties window to take up to a minute to save.