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Labeling with Attachments

04-20-2012 06:21 AM
Status: Open
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Provide the ability to label features with their associated attachments.  This would be especially helpfull when creating exhibits that include field photos collected with a mobile device.

A project that I've been sitting on for a year is to be able to create a map that is labeled as callouts with logos. I tried adding the logos manually to the map document, but I got a couple of hours into it (on two different occasions) and the images that I had added to the map simply disappeared. I've downloaded an image editing software so I may just create the map using that.

If I understand the request correctly (i.e. maybe instead of "label" a feature, you want to symbolize a feature using an attached photo as the symbol) this is possible with ArcGIS Pro 2.7's addition of the ability to drive picture markers through attribute-driven symbology.

This is summarized in the what's new help as:


Maybe that will not address every need for those upvoting this idea, but hopefully it will help provide a solution for some users!


It would be great if in ArcGIS Pro we could display feature attachments (images) in a callout pointing back to the feature containing it. This would be great for maps we make showing fire damage where field staff attach photos to points in Field Maps and in the office we produce damage assessments. 

Settings could let you specify callout sizes, arrangement, tolerances, buffers, overlaps (all very similar to labelling options) as well as how you want an image to fit within a callout (fill, gaps, rotation, etc). 





I can already think of several applications of this in reporting our field efforts.  This would be great, if implemented!


I just had a user ask me about this.

The closest we got was using an HTML popup in ArcMap and letting him move them around, since they don't automatically close when you open a new one.

Similar (or better) capability in Pro would be awesome.


YES please, we are trying to modernize workflows where users currently need to export the map, then manually paste in the photo and draw an arrow to the location, etc. We'd like to setup a Layout to do this using data collected in Field Maps, would be a massive ROI and time saver.