Labeling Line Segment Footage

01-21-2021 07:07 AM
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Can you please implement option to add segment labels, so that line does not have to be split into million pieces but instead allow option to label each segment of one given line with the footage.

Your help on this would be greatly appreciated as often times we dont need to break l ine into segments as it contains the same attributes, this is where it would be beneficial not only from graphics prospective but also from database prospective, it would make the attribute table 1000 times smaller and easier to handle.

We are able to do this in AutoCAD using LISP and creating points for every midpoint of the line but that also adds to complexity of the DB and requires separate feature class to be published. I hope this is something you can implement in the near future. Thank you in advance. See below snip from autocad showing example of how it looks.



Not being able to label line segments between vertices is a limitation that has kept my group using AutoCAD instead of ArcGIS when we would rather use ArcGIS for all of our line drafting and labeling efforts.


A tool such as this one would allow us to be more efficient when working on projects and would create more value in using ArcGIS software. This would be great to have!

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This would help a lot for visualization purposes as well! Looking forward to seeing this implemented.


It is hard to always measure and see the distance on Arc Pro and it will be very helpful to have this functionality to be able to see the label between the vertices.


This would be a great addition! It would definitely be convenient to be able to do this.


Couldn't you label using Maplex labeling engine instead of standard labeling engine and set an advanced arcade expression to be a conversion to feet units for display?     As a class you could write a arcade expression like so        Round($feature['Shape.STLength()']* 3.28083,2)  





M_neer. We need segment footage labeled between vertices. We are tryingto figure out a way to show distance between 2 vertices instead of full line segment length. I hope this makes this more clear.

It would be nice to display these labels without the need of breaking lines at every vertex. Are you saying that there are settings inside maplex to do this? Please let us know.


If the intent is to not label every vertex or segment like in snapshots 1 & 2 then you will need to make the segment into a route and then label accordingly.    The only other way is to have multiple classes that would make up routes if you were to go down the route creation path.   Labeling dynamic either snapshot 1 or 2 is currently available without making a route.  In these snapshots my data is in meters however dynamically I am showing them in feet.  Hope this helps?


Snapshot 1Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2Snapshot 2Snapshot 3Snapshot 3


So I like your snap shots, however our goal is to label middle between 2 vertices and lablel it with distance between two vertices without braking the line into multiple segments. I hope there is way to do this.


Just substitute the following as a labeling expression: