Label or feature with hyperlinked webpage

01-25-2011 09:14 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to be able to create labels for a feature layer in ArcMap that hyperlink to webpages. I don't want an HTML popup box in this situation. I want to be able to see a label on my map (possibly underlined and in blue) that allows me to click on it, and immediately open my web browser at the hyperlinked webpage. This webpage hyperlink should be able to be based on an attribute field in my feature layer. The text of the label should come from a different attribute field. So, the label expression could use HTML code and look something like this:
<a href='' & [WEBPAGE_FIELD] & '>' & [TEXTLABEL_FIELD] & '</a>

The result should be a map with labels displaying the text from [TEXTLABEL_FIELD] with all (or some) clickable, sending the ArcMap user to a webpage based on the attributes in [WEBPAGE_FIELD].

Also, it would be useful to have something similar for the features in a feature layer in ArcMap. For example, I'd like to be able to click on a polygon, line, or point, and be hyperlinked immediately to a webpage (based on an experession similar to the label expression above). There should be an option for making each layer's clickable features appear highlighted or "normal" in the map.

In addition, when I export the map to PDF, I'd like these hyperlinks to work the same way in the PDF document, so anyone without ArcMap will still be able to link to the webpages.


It would be really nice if in ArcPro, the hyperlinks attached to a text or image would automatically go directly to the hyperlinked content (url or internal document) instead of bringing up a pop-up and then having to click on the hyperlink. This capability was accomplished in ArcMap but  I don't see this option using ArcPro.  Is there any movement forward with this?


YES to this! I need this feature as well. We used it in ArcMap with a URL field in an Annotation. By using the link button, we could open a link with one click. Requiring a pop-up in ArcPro is cumbersome.