Joins based on multiple fields

12-23-2010 02:07 AM
Status: Open
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To join tables using  multiple fields to create a unique sequence where an entity say a parcel can be  unique  identified according to more than one criteria as shown below. This could minimize data redundancy in tables and editing time  


I can't count how many times I needed to join data based on more than a single value to get my view to work. This really would be a great enhancement.
Absolutely essential. If one doesn't have write access then one can't do the workaround of combining the fields into a single field.
If the feature classes/tables are in the same geodatabase or directory you can use the Make Query Table tool to do this.  It only supports an inner join and is not editable without exporting it, but it can do this type of join and handle all relationship types (one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many).  MS Access is faster and supports outer joins, so if you can use a personal geodatabase you can get the result faster in that program if the data is only tabular.  But the Make Query Tool creates features as well as table rows, so it is better than Access in that situation.  Even so, you would be better off using the Make Query Table tool as part of a process for converting the multifield value to a single field join value to get better performance.  Even MS Access performs better and offers more options with single field relationships than with multi-field relationships.
Absolutly essential. This would make my work faster and easier.