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12-17-2012 06:24 PM
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To enable multi-monitor users to get the most out of their data view, an optional Tool Palette window which allowed users to place their commonly used toolbars into a floating window that could be placed on another screen would be handy. Yes, you could create a new toolbar an load heaps of tools onto it and put it wherever, but a better solution would be to drag existing toolbars to dock onto the floating window.
Something like the window below which could be moved around to a preferred location and which other toolbars could be docked to as required.

I agree entirely.  Right now the options are to either clutter your screen with tool bars like this:


Or to have them all flaoting in a confusing disorganized manner off to one side like this:

I am all about a custom floating tool palette to dock my tools in and clean up my real estate.

I'd love to see something like this in Pro! All tools originating from the attribute window dockable together in a grouping with values entered and saved for future use (field calculator, select by attributes, find, etc.).


Would also find this useful in Pro; in fact, multi-monitor support is in some ways worse than in ArcMap. While a 'view' can be dragged over to a second screen, none of your tools or panes or anything come with; it's not even an option. If I could configure a little tool panel or chained set of panels (like is possible with Adobe products) that I could trigger (and/or link to a certain type of floating view), now we're talking. In the case of working with floating windows in Pro (different than what you're describing), that would actually be preferred to bringing the whole ribbon, which I suggest here: Include ribbon, QAT with floating views - Esri Community

Either way, it gets tricky when one contents pane, one ribbon, etc. is trying to work for more than one view and can't be moved...especially when the ribbon feels really haphazardly put together in the first place. It's just an inefficient way to work. Dockable toolbars and/or tool palettes that stay where you put them make way more sense for spatial-oriented tasks like GIS.

other thoughts for the cause -

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