Interactive Rematch Addresses Modifications

01-06-2011 06:51 AM
Status: Open
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I would love it if something could be done with the Interactive Rematch tool to make it more user freindly.  One problem I always have is when I am working on rematchinng addresses, I don't like to see all of the fields that are in the table.  When I go to turn off the fields I don't need to see, then later refresh to update my unmatched items, I have to go in and turn those fields off all over again each time I refresh.  Also, when rematching it would be nice if the Locator I select in the drop down would stay until I change it again instead of resetting the <All> each time an address is reviewed.

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Or...if I could at least select multiple columns to turn off at one time that would be better than going in one at a time to do it..
I had the same concerns.  I discussed this with them end of last year and it is supposed to be fixed soon, hopfully by 10.1, at least.  Support assured me it was not "by design".
Absolutely agree with any methods to make reviewing addresses quicker and easier. I have to geocode tens of thousands of address weekly. Ability to set multiple addresses to 'Unmatch', hiding multiple columns at once and retaining width and visibility of columns after resetting the filter will be most useful.

Please implement these soon!

Thank you.
Yes!  Preserve the Rematch field display settings within a project.  This is so poorly designed it feels like a bug. It makes me hate geocoding.

I asked about this at the 2012 UC and they said to post on this site.  This idea needs more votes!