Include Cloud Locations (i.e. OneDrive) in "Computer" section of file explorer window

03-07-2021 05:58 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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I find a lot of people in our organisation now use their corporate OneDrive folder for storing their GIS projects, data and outputs. Whilst I know we can add OneDrive as a connection under folders, I think it would be useful if these Cloud locations (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) could automatically be made available under the Computer section like your Desktop, Downloads and Documents folders are for easy access. 



Status changed to: In Product Plan

Thanks for the update @NaicongLi. Good to hear it's in the road map. 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @LindsayRaabe_FPCWA

Unfortunately, we need to change the status of this idea from In Product Plan to Under Consideration. We have recently been made aware that some interactions between ArcGIS Pro and OneDrive can cause problems with respect to performance and data integrity. We are currently in discussion with Microsoft to establish a recommended pattern for working with OneDrive. Until that time, Esri does not recommend and does not support OneDrive as a location for storing or backing up ArcGIS Pro projects and data.

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@NaicongLi Thats unfortunate to hear. Hopefully a solution can be found and it is put back in the Product Plan. Reading through the support ticket, at least for the majority of our users, I don't expect there to be too many issues as most people wouldn't be sharing the files their storing in OneDrive (it's mostly that personal folder and backup option). 


I have been using ArcGIS PRO and OneDrive for a year very well.  Many Esri Tech support issues are raised and we work to eliminate references to data stored on OneDrive to limit the variables.  None of the issues raised have been a result of storing data on OneDrive.  

It is annoying when calling tech support and being told that OneDrive and Network storage is not supported.  That is how data is stored at every place I have used GIS since 1990.  I understand that we need to eliminate the variables to deduce a problem.  Network storage makes GIS data powerful.  I would not like to manage exports and clip out large dataset to make maps from data residing locally.  Local storage cannot serve the amount of data we now have access.