Incident Transparency

07-12-2013 10:33 AM
Status: Open
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I have perhaps a controversial idea, but I think a pretty good one. Each time I call customer support (which is great by the way) I get an analyst on the other end who I believe has an enormous capability that I do not have.

I will typically explain my problem and give them an error message if applicable and then they will conduct a search on their end in an attempt to solve the issue. What I am assuming is that the analysts are probably querying through all the logged tickets that the support staff have ever resolved.

Wouldn't this be a huge benefit to ArcGIS users to be able to tap into the ESRI incident log prior to making a phone call to support. I realize that there would be a few privacy hurdles that would need to be worked out to keep client confidentiality intact, but I think with some tweaking that could be accomplished. 

Look, I know we have forums, and countless pages of help documents, but actually browsing resolved tickets would be a huge boon for users, and I am willing to bet considerable cost savings for ESRI. Allowing support staff to publish tickets to a searchable database that is accessable to ArcGIS users in my mind would be the next step towards GIS nirvana.

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I believe this is called ESRI Kube