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Improved User Experience For Attributes Pane

04-04-2023 02:11 PM
Status: Closed
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The Attributes pane is one of the most useful ways to work with a single record, or explore related features. I'd like to see some work put into improving and highlighting the functionality of this tool, bringing it to a place closer to a customizable "card" view of the data. Quality of life improvements such as:

  • Shortcut to open this view
  • Opening multiple instances of pane side by side, for comparing features in a 'card view' way
  • Better context menus to access other functionality, like changing the display expressions for the table, comparing two selected features, adding selected features to a new layer, etc.
  • Additional expandable pane that cycles through the pop up for each selected feature.
  • Attachment preview that doesn't require opening the file
  • Card-like summary view of selected features, with ability to select and group by fields.
Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thank you for submitting these ideas @willbruce_KarukTribeDNR 

There are multiple requests included that will need to be split out into separate ideas. Please see the ArcGIS Ideas Submission Guidelines and Statuses 


For the first bullet, "shortcut to open this view" (i.e. the Attributes Pane), there is already a shortcut to open the pane:


You could customize that to something else if desired. 

For some other parts of the idea, it sounds like the functionality of pop-ups. Could you please fully develop each remaining request into it's own idea so that they can be considered by other community members and we can gauge demand? 

Thank you!


Thanks Kory, will do!

Status changed to: Closed

Thanks @willbruce_KarukTribeDNR We'll close this one and will watch for new idea submissions that fully flesh out these requests. Thank you