Improved Support for Multiday Routing

06-06-2013 05:38 PM
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Hi All

Current VRP is focused on single day trips.
There are some fudges / tricks you can make to obtain a route and then manualy apply overnight stops.

One quick win would be to allow a mix of date/time and time only in date fields.
I can set breaks on a date/time to extend a route to many days, however if I have a TimeWindowStart1 as 0900-1700 I am unable to solve as a mixture of dates and times in all date fields in the solution.

I don't know what date the route will take me to the site and I do know the office hours are the same all week.
If a date is required behind the scenes, any field with time only should be treated as 'today'


Thanks for the suggestion. We are in the early stages of discussing how to handle datetime fields for network analyst layers and will consider this requirement as we move forward with those talks.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hello, is there any solution since 2020? I'm also interested by VRP in multiday.