Improve Feature Templates handling

02-03-2011 10:25 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III
Enhance manipulation possibilities with Feature Templates:
  • Move or copy Feature Templates freely between layers in an edit session or import their settings form outside. Provide transition mechanism if database structure or geometry doesn’t match (like symbology).
  • Merge template settings of two or more Feature Templates (user controlled).
  • Save template settings to separate file or append them to Layer File.
  • Feature Templates management accessible outside an edit session for working purposes.
  • Create or rename Feature Template quickly in Crete Features window (no wizard).
  • Set dynamically generated attributes in Template Properties like current date etc.
  • allow building groups of Feature Templates (als Group Layers in TOC)
  • allow the user to change the order of Feature Templates manually (as in TOC)
  • Allow using skript code for genereting attributes in feature templates (as in calculate fields)
  • create a default  Feature Template wich creates a new Feature with no value (NULL or 0 / "") when in the layer's unique value renderer  "all other values" are displayed with a default symbol. Sometimes you just want to digitize a feature without attributes yet.
  • Apply attributes from a FeatureTemplate to a selected set of existing features. 
  •  Change default order of Feature Templates to be equal as in Layer Symbology (TOC)
Provide better linkage between Feature Templates and Symbology:
  • Auto-update feature templates according to layer symbology (option) – possibility to toggle auto updating of feature templates when layer symbology definition has changed
  • Auto-identify unrelated feature templates (option) – identify and highlight feature templates with no relation to symbology defined in TOC
  • Auto-delete unnecessary feature templates (option) – automatically delete unnecessary templates, unused templates or templates that don’t correspond to symbology in TOC 
  • Allow using skript code for genereting attributes in feature templates (as in calculate fields) based on the SHAPE
    • ​Points: x,y,z information:
    • Lines: lengths
    • Polygons: area, perimeter
When automatically creating feature templates, invlude the <All Other Values> catergory.

It would be very useful to be able to control the geometry of a new feature and not only the atributes. That is add new feature of a predefined geometry (size, etc ...). This is needed when adding standarized geometries.