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Improve bug search and display for all ESRI products

02-10-2022 11:59 AM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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Improve bug search and display for all ESRI products. I'd like to echo the frustration in this ArcGIS Pro Idea post, and extend it with some specifics.

- Once you arrive on the technical support page, there is no meaningful way to filter search results. Add basic filters to the Technical Support search page. You can't filter by open/closed bugs, severity, product version, etc. Each bug has a whole table of information - make those filterable.

- Force the entire title text and more of the actual content text to appear in the bug search. Using Chrome, I can't see the entire title for any bug. Barely any of the text is actually visible to the user without clicking on a specific bug. See the attached image below for an example. This isn't useful to the user.


- Add a link to the product specific bug list from respective ESRI Community product pages. For example from the ArcGIS Pro community there are sections for Questions, Blog, etc. Add a link to all pro bugs to save the search step.

by Anonymous User

Also, it'd be great to auto search/link to bugs from the Community Forums as you write. Just like GitHub, where you can hashbang issues, PRs, etc quickly from the comment box you're currently writing in.