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Improve ArcGISIndexingServer

12-04-2018 06:35 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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I appreciate what ArcGISIndexingServer.exe is doing to improve performance of ArcGIS Pro but I think there could be some simple improvements. It's currently a memory hog and brings my computer to it's knees regularly.

Quiet regularly I have to kill the process as it stops my workflows. 

My Ideas:

  • Only Index what about 4 levels deep on my favorites..
  • Don't update so thoroughly so often
  • Restrict it to using 80% of system memory as windows reserves a decent chunk for caching of currently accessed files..
  • Leverage the windows indexes
  • Build the index on disk first then load to ram for optimization when the screen is locked.
  • Build the index in parts

What Happens now

Things slow down or even stop working/crash

Check Task Manager shows how much ram ArcGISIndexingServer.exe is using.


The indexing service in Pro is so bad that my organization is contemplating completely disabling it for all users, not just because of its impacts on individual PCs but also for the impacts on corporate file systems that the indexing service wants to crawl.  These suggestions would be a good start, but they need to make the service way more configurable.

Status changed to: Under Consideration