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06-29-2010 11:17 AM
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Similar button to Import... on the Symbology tab of the Layer Properties, but on the Labels tab instead.

Would allow you to Import Label Symbology from another layer in the map or a saved layer file.  It would also be nice if it not only imported the label symbology, but also any Label Field expressions, SQL Queries, Symbol Classes, and Placement Properties associated with the layer you are trying to match.

You kind of do this already with the Copy Parameters feature found in the Label Manager in ArcMap, right?
It's a good reminder about the Label Manager, but I don't think it lets you copy the classes themselves--only the symbol, scale, and placement settings to an existing class. And having an option to import classes in the properties dialog of the layer itself, where one is often working, would be a convenience anyway.
Excelent tip on the Copy Parameters suggestion.  I'd still like ESRI to take it a step further, but in the mean time, this is a time saver compared to the way I was performing this repetative task.  Thanks!
Label Manager... now where did that come from!! Thanks!!! (doh!)
A ringing "yes please!" to this comment--it would be wonderful to import the label classes and their associated expressions without having to import an entire layer file.  All too often, I find myself disassembling the layer file just to get at the labeling fruit in the center!  Also, when troubleshooting labeling issues, sometimes it helps to look at a clean file--but uh oh, you have to re-set up all the label classes.
I too would really like this feature.

I spend a fair amount of time flipping between layer properties tabs to recreate similar labeling setups.

Something else that would help along these lines, would be to allow the user to open the layer properties from two different layers simultaneously.
My first thought on doing this is to just copy/paste the layer with the labels you have configured to a new layer, and then change the source of the data to the new dataset.
I like this idea and would adjust the import to be interactive if needed.  Say I want to map an old field name to other field names that might be new, and also have a pulldown to map the symbology item in the field to the items in the new field.  For example the old field RoadType has County, City, etc. and the new field has codes 01, 02, 03, etc.
A thousand times yes!  I'm very particular about labeling for published maps, and there doesn't seem to be any reason this tab of a layer's properties dialog box couldn't have the same 'Import...' button as you find on symbology and hatches tabs.  If not this, then at least a button for the label manager within this tab. (I see where you can copy and paste parameters)

Copying and pasting layers only applies to the same feature class; sometimes you want to bring labeling properties across these.

I made an Add-In for this.  Id does exactly what you want but is not on the symbology tab, rather it is a button you can place wherever you'd like in ArcMap. 
It is available for download here:

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