Import DWG in ArcGIS Pro

03-17-2020 11:45 AM
Status: Open
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When inserting a CAD file into an ArcMap project, all layers (Annotation, Point, Polyline, MultiPatch and Polygon) are automatically inserted into a group layer. In ArcGIS Pro all layers fall loose and cause confusion when you have many layers on the map, especially when you have more than one CAD file. The suggestion is, as in ArcMap, when inserting a CAD file in an ArcGIS Pro map, the layers are automatically organized into a group.

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I think this is probably the same idea as Place Export to CAD outputs in ArcGIS Pro into a single group in the TOC, just getting to the same issue from a different workflow.  

As a workaround for now, it is possible to create the group layer first and then place the CAD data in there in the Contents pane.