Implement Option to Make Dataframe Unselectable!

08-02-2012 01:01 PM
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I've been frustrating with a function in ArcMap since I started using ESRI products many years ago. When I am working in a map and I want to select elements withi the map (i.e. text elements, graphic elements, etc) a lot of the time, the dataframe gets selected and tehn it gets locked in focus mode. I (and many other users I know) would love love love to have an option to make the dataframe unselectable when editing a map.


Mike, I wholeheartedly agree!  It gets to be so frustrating sometimes!

If you're suggesting this for desktop/ArcMap, I wish you luck, there's not going to be any more ArcMap releases, 10.8.1 is it... (presumably why there's no ArcMap ArcGIS Ideas page anymore).

For Pro, I agree that could be useful. Make layout elements selectable/unselectable just like you can for layers in a map.

A decent workaround and one that I now use exclusively (though it is a considerable change to workflow/muscle memory) is to make sure my elements are properly named and use the contents pane to select exactly which element/s I want to do something with instead of clicking around in the layout.





Status changed to: Closed

Luke is correct that no new features or functionality are being added to ArcMap.  I realize that ArcGIS Pro was not around when this idea was submitted!  It looks like this is available using Production Mapping in ArcMap:

And the cool thing is that this is built-in to ArcGIS Pro for everyone to use. 

Here I have the map frame locked so that it cannot be selected in the layout while the other elements can be.



Just like when working with layers of a map, you can select multiple layout elements in the Contents pane and hold Ctrl +click the lock to toggle these on/off.

Hope this helps present-day workflows!


I so didn't check the date on this one, I was just searching for something else layout related and stumbled across this.  But thanks @KoryKramer, I've never even noticed those little lock icons before 🤣