HTML Tag Support in Page Layouts for Map Documents

10-27-2011 05:33 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor
It would be very helpful if you could render HTML inside a map document in order to create tables, links, etc..

So say I wanted to render a table in my MXD page layout as such:
<table border="1">
<td>row 1, cell 1</td>
<td>row 1, cell 2</td>
<td>row 2, cell 1</td>
<td>row 2, cell 2</td>
I would get a table with my data in it as such:
Right now the text element just ignores the HTML tags at ArcGIS 10 SP3

This should also include anchor tags <A>  (hyperlinks) that would be preserved in PDF export.

That's a good addition as well.
And specify a CSS file for styling the HTML elements.
Also, enable the HTML popups to have leader lines, so the tables could point to a specific location.