Add "HTML"-style object in layout

10-13-2020 03:55 AM
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I have been working on and off with QGIS for several years, and there you have a possibility to use HTML in the layout to produce tables and dynamic text in an orderly and nice manner. In ArcGIS Pro you don't have this possibility.

A quick video that shows how this is implemented in QGIS:

This is also kind of equivalent with AutoCAD blocks in layout.

(image from youtube video mentioned above)

The ide:

Add a layout element that lets you use HTML to create tables with dynamic text.



We often need to use map series to create hundreds of similar pages with defined setup which earlier where done with layouts in AutoCAD. The costumers therefore expect a "standardized" table with information. This is really cumbersome to create in ArcGIS Pro.


This is not the same as showing the attribute table, as it need to be colspan/rowspan possibilities.


Similar to this previous request for ArcMap: 


I did not find that. Nice Catch. However this is for ArcGIS Pro, so it might not be a duplicate?