Geoprocessing Environments: Make Snap Raster as Default to Preserve Cell Alignment

04-06-2022 04:44 PM
Status: Open
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Problem: GP Raster tools output rasters offset by a cell/pixel from input. 

Example of Problem: The attached screenshot is what happens if a snap raster is not set.

Current Work Around: in Global/Geoprocessing environments/model GP Env settings you can define the snap raster. 

Example of Current Work AroundTo correct the problem, I selected the DEM_10ft_SV as the snap raster. That means if I run this series of gp tools again, the outputs will snap the upper left corner of the output rasters to the DEM cells. (DEM = Digital Elevation Model)

Ideal Solution: Make it DEFAULT to snap to input raster, with the option to define to not snap.