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06-14-2012 07:17 AM
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I hate the Geographic_Transformations.pdf file. Would it be so hard to create a simple application or toolbar in Catalog that looks at my current area and tells me the transformation to use. Or even a Java tool where I put in the two coordinate systems and it shows my the available options.


I propose a web service (possibly Feature Service) available in AGOL, which can be either consumed directly by a GIS, or downloaded as a static file.  The service would present the geographic areas as described by the relevant attributes, from the necessary documentation available through the How To: Select the correction geographic (datum) transformation when projecting between datums page.

I have successfully created an unshared web service for Table 1 of the ArcGIS 10.3.1 Geographic Transformation Table, so I know this is possible.


Response to the original post:

We already filter all available transformations by area of use of source and target geographic coordinate systems, plus the data extent. So, the list of transformations we return in Project tool and in Map Properties' Transformation section are already filtered. 

Are you looking for metadata of transformations, such as accuracy, extent values, percentage of data overlap?

To Justin Odell‌:
We would like to do that, we just haven't got it yet.