Filter Layers by Search

08-05-2016 03:09 PM
Status: Open
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When adding a layer in ArcGIS or finding a layer in ArcCatalog, it would be beneficial to auto filter available layers based upon text being entered. The filtering happens as you type, no need to actually hit enter or search.


For example if you want a building layer added into ArcMap start off by typing B-u-i-l then you’ll get only the layers within that directory or database that have Buil within their name. In our database it would take a list of hundreds of layers and only show two: BASE.FAC_BUILDINGS and GIS.CTY_FAC_BUILDINGS.  The way it works now you have to scroll through all the layers, which takes time.


Safe Software's FME product does this and it helps so much when adding layers from SDE, which has hundreds of layers.

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