Fields View: Open multiple instances for layers with same source

04-07-2022 09:25 AM
Status: Open
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I'm working in a project where we have the same dataset in the TOC twice, symbolized differently. I wanted to rearrange the fields within the project, so I did on one of the two layers. This method does not update the field order at the database level or in the other layer, so I needed to update the second layer, too. I tried to open the fields view of the second layer side-by-side with that of the first one so I could make the field order match, but was surprised when the second view replaced the first rather than opening side-by-side. I can simultaneously open multiple field views with different sources now in Pro, so I know the issue has to do with layers with the same source. I can also open both attribute tables separately, so it would make sense to me if I could open both field views separately too.

My workaround for now is just taking a screenshot of the order.


I'm not sure if this request is technically feasible (I'm not on the development team) but it seems like since the Fields View does rely on having a connection to the datasource, that it is intentionally designed to not allow multiple views that point to the same datasource. You've already made that observation.


In terms of a way to simplify the workflow, rather than taking a screenshot and trying to manually change the order of a second layer to match, could you just Ctrl+drag/drop the layer with the correct field order to quickly make a duplicate, and then Import Symbology from the layer that is symbolized differently? When complete, remove the first symbolized layer and now you have two layers with matching field order and different symbology.

Just a thought.


@KoryKramer  great thought, thank you!