Field Calculator Should Honor Domains

06-08-2011 07:34 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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When using the field calculator on a field that has a domain, the calculator should include a dropdown of the domain values.

This was the original Idea that was is related to List in Field CalculatorAbility to select from domain values in field calculator (now marked as Duplicates)

These are all common to needing to be able to validate the attribute values that are populated into a field with a domain applied - not only when editing individual records, but also when using the Field Calculator, or the Calculate Field geoprocessing tool.  

From Comments in all of these Ideas, we see that:
1. When using Field Calculator, the request is for drop-down/pick list functionality pulling from the domain that is applied to the field - the effect is that the attributes are validated, and the user experience is simplified;

2. It is still desirable to be able to calculate into a field with a domain applied.  However, the results of the calculation should be validated against the domain applied to the field.

Please add clarifying Comments and continue voting on this Idea.
This would be very helpful for data integrity purposes. At this point it is very easy to bypass the valid values contained in a domain. If you have other processes that are dependent on those domain values you can run into problems.

I am working in the latest version of ArcPro (2.3.2) and there is still no pick list (that I can find) of domain values.

I can't understand the reason for removing this from ArcPro since the whole purpose of having Domains is for data integrity. I do not want my users (or myself!) to be able to input anything other than the list that I create in the domain and subtype values. Currently, users have to "remember" the coded list and field calculate the exact code for the calculator to reference the domain list. I do not trust myself nor my users to correctly input the code or description in the calculator for hundreds of records. The pick list is extremely useful.

Please bring back the ability to bulk edit a field using domain pick list.


The Attributes pane already allows for bulk editing as you showed --

1. Select some features in the Attributes pane

2. Click the field cell for the field containing the domain value you want applied to all the selected records

3. Pick the domain value from the choicelist

4. Click apply

5. Save edits when you're ready



The original idea is how to display the domain picklist while working with Field Calculator. Am I right? This appears not to be met


I wonder why this has never been addressed. But maybe it's complicated to implement. For example, if a user selects records that belong to different subtypes, and the value assigned with the Field Calculator is valid for one subtype but not for the other, what then?

I guess that's one of the reasons ESRI came up with the Data Reviewer tool.

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Still hoping for, and looking forward to, this improvement.