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Field Calculator – last used values history

04-10-2012 12:19 PM
Status: Closed
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When performing a series of simple field calculations on various fields with a certain set of values it would be very helpful to have a list of previous calculations at hand (in calculator or directly in field’s context menu). Such list would make these frequent values available for instant access (sorted by most or last used) allowing to quickly pick the desired one and thus avoiding retyping.
The values could be stored temporarily or permanently, available everywhere within current document or application instance. The list could filter values according to chosen field’s type.
This idea focuses on improving and speeding up simple calculation process by using history of values and differs from advanced calculation workflow which make use of save/load expression.
…the idea could be extended for advanced calculation though. The “last used” list could also store recent expressions to quickly load the right one – no need to search the drive. 
Using standard Field Calculator for simple field calculations is currently very cumbersome. Simple field calculations could be executed directly from drop down list positioned in the table interface as requested in Simple Field Calculator.

Performing a simple calculation currently requires user to:
  1. Select field (mouse)
  2. Run Field Calculator (mouse/keyboard)
  3. Focus text box (mouse)
  4. Write number/string (keyboard)
  5. Execute calculation (mouse)

With drop down box it would be much more simple:
  1. Select field (mouse)
  2. Focus dropdown box (mouse/keyboard)
  3. Write number/string & execute (keyboard, enter key)

Status changed to: Closed

Due to inactivity the last several years we will close this idea as a known limitation. 

Starting in ArcGIS Pro 3.0, when you open Calculate Field from the attribute window, the previous expression used will pre-populate into the dialog. There is not a list of all previously used expressions, only the last one.

You can also leverage Geoprocessing History to see all of the expressions previously used with Calculate Field:


I don't think I agree with closing this idea due to inactivity. It's got 30 votes and seems legit. Maybe the idea was just hard to find so didn't get much visibility.

+1 from me.


I posted a new version of this idea here: Field Calculator – last used values history



I wonder if Field Calculator – last used values history (6 votes) should be merged with this idea and if this idea should be re-opened.