Feature Linked Annotation, Update Annotation Label Classes

06-21-2018 08:38 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice if Feature Linked Annotation worked such that Annotation Classes in the original feature class dynamically updated in the feature linked annotation.  

For example, If I have a feature class called "Wells" and I label that feature class based on the size of the well bore: (One label being a certain color/style based on a certain size well bore, Say black & italic for well bore under 1 inch in diameter and another with a different color/style based on a different size of bore - Say brown and regular for well bores greater than 1 inch),  

I generate feature linked annotation so I could update the data in the future.  But management decides that it would like to change the criteria for the labels to well bores under 1 inch being one label style, well bores between 1 and 1 1/2 inches being another, and well bores being 1 1/2 or greater being a third label class.  I can update my symbology and assign new label classes in the "master" feature class, just fine. I can even update the attribute data and those changes carry through to my labels thanks to the labels being feature-linked.  What does not change are the label classes. In order to update those, I have to re-create a new feature linked annotation that I define and then if I edited the original feature linked annotation class I need to redo my edits.  

I'd like Annotation classes to automatically update and have those label classes dynamically update the feature linked annotations so that I do not have to re-edit my data. 

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