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Feature Dataset Properties — Indicate traditional versioning type

09-01-2023 12:07 PM
Status: Already Offered
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@ChrisUnderwood mentioned in a related post that this is what the FD properties window looks like (in Pro 3.1.2 & Geodatabase 3.1.0-11.1):


Could that window be enhanced so that it indicates the traditional versioning type?

  1. Option to move edits to base (METB).
  2. Or the METB option was not used.


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Thanks for the Idea @Bud.  This is already implemented in 3.1.0.

When a feature dataset is registered as versioned, I am able to see the type of versioning and whether or not it was registered with 'move edits to base' in the manage tab of the feature datasets properties pane. This first image below shows the manage tab of a traditionally versioned feature dataset registered with move edits to base.


The image you've shared above is of the manage tab for a feature dataset with classes that have mixed versioning types.  For example, If I have a feature dataset, and I drag in a new, un-versioned class, the manage pane will display the radial button next to 'Versioning' as a solid, outlined square.  This signifies that there are mixed versioning types in the feature dataset. Similarly, when the radial next to  'Global IDs, or 'Editor Tracking' appears this way, it means classes in the feature dataset have mixed configurations of those properties as well.



Selecting the radial will expand the versioning options to show the current registration of the feature dataset. Clicking okay after expanding the radial will ensure all classes in the dataset are registered with the same registration type as the feature dataset.  Unregistered classes will be registered, and classes with differing registration from the feature dataset will be re-registered with the displayed settings. 




Status changed to: Already Offered