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Exporting maps into GeoPDF format

08-22-2012 04:52 AM
Status: Closed
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Recently, I've tried to export maps as GeoPDF using the export fonctionnality in ArcMap.
At first glance, it seems great to be able to export a map into a pdf format, but very few options are given when it comes to create the pdf.

For example: it's impossible to rename layers, once the pdf is created, all graphic symbols are combined into a layer named "other1, 2, 3, etc" by default, the legend and the map frame become a layer and we don't have the option to rename these. In summary, the ArcMap document sometimes only has 4 or 5 actual map layers, but the pdf ends up with 8 or 9 layers.

It would be great if we could rename layers, combine layers, choose which layers to export and not to export in the pdf.

In summary, it would be great to have a bit more control on what we want to export, and how we want to export it, so we can have a better control of what the GeoPDF will look like. End users are looking for something simple and clear to use: having multiple layers named other1, other2, other3, etc...gets confusing at times and all GeoPDFs fonctionnalities lose its interest.
Not to mention that everything in the TOC below a raster layer is rasterized into a single PDF layer called "Image". Even if you wanted to be able to turn those raster layers on and off in the GeoPDF. total pain
The only way around this is to use TerraGO's (GeoPDF) Publisher for ArcGIS.

As I understand it, ESRI licenses this technology from TerraGO Technologies and is only able to provide the very basic to make a "GeospatialPDF".

See the functionally matrix below to distinguish between a GeoPDF (TerraGO) vs. a GeospatialPDF (ESRI)

I know it sounds crazy as these terms should be the same thing (it has something to do with trademark and ownership of the name).

Lauren - All the layers get exported from the TOC exactly as they are named and organized in a GeoPDF.

I hope that helps.

ouch 3k for this extension?

Status changed to: Closed

Exporting to pdf has been completely overhauled in ArcGIS Pro.  See and the 'Export georeference information' setting in particular.

Thank you!