Export a subset of data elements to xml

02-06-2020 12:37 AM
Status: Open
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I want the abillity to export only a subset of data elements from a geodatabase or a feature dataset to an XML file from ArcGIS Pro.

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This seems like what I am looking for as well. 

In ArcCatalog, when you exported a file geodatabase or feature dataset to XML you could choose which feature classes or tables to include. This is not a feature in ArcPro. However, at least when I export the geodatabase to XML in Pro, I get the metadata for each feature class contained in it, which didn't happen in ArcCatalog with file geodatabase or feature dataset XMLs. When exporting just the feature dataset to XML in Pro I do not get the metadata for the feature classes within it.

Optimally, what I would like to do is export an XML for a single feature class, make edits, and then import it back into the same feature dataset, without having to import it into the geodatabase and then move it into the feature dataset. It seems like if I could export the XML for the file geodatabase and select only the feature class I wanted I could import that back in and it would remember that it was in a feature dataset.