Expand options in Export Feature Attribute to ASCII (Spatial Statistics) tool

06-10-2010 11:09 AM
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The Export Feature Attribute to ASCII tool (ArcToolbox - Spatial Statistics Tools - Utilities) allows you to export features to an ASCII file.  The user can control which fields are exported and can choose from 3 delimiters.

I'd like the tool to be expanded to:
- allow the user to choose the field order
- allow for a header line or not
- allow for text values to be in quotes or not

We are usually exporting data for use in other modelling software.  Format requirements can be very specific.  The files are large, so any revisions we need to make using a text editor or other software can add a lot of processing time.  Modifying this tool to allow us to export to the correct format in the first place would save us time.


We frequently have to convert raster grids and point feature datasets to text files.  There are ways to do this in ArcGIS (e.g., for points: ArcToolbox - Spatial Statistics Tools - Utilities - Export Feature Attribute to ASCII; for rasters: the SAMPLE command).  But these tools give the user limited control over the export format and are sometimes slow.

I'd like to see export to ASCII text file toolst that allow more control:  which fields (XYZ, ID XYZ, XYZ other value, etc), field order, what delimiter.  I'd like to be able to do this directly from a raster grid, or from point features.  (Our datasets are often very large, so converting from raster to point to text file can add a lot of processing time.)

At the moment, we find that using Workstation ArcInfo to convert from grid to point to text is much faster than ArcGIS.  Then we reformat the text file with a Linux editor.  I don't think it should have to be this convoluted!


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Oops!  Sorry, the second part of that text should be ignored (after the first "thanks.")  I meant to delete it when I rewrote the Idea; I'll post some of it as a separate request.